Park naming process

Hot on the heels of the last public meeting, it’s time to start initiating the naming process for the park.  Submissions are due July 18th.  You can send your ideas to the city, but while you’re at it you can hit us up on or at, to initiate some dialogue.  Quoting the city:

The Park Naming Committee is comprised of one representative designated by the
Board of Park Commissioners, one by the Chair of the City Council Parks and
Neighborhoods Committee, and one by the Parks Superintendent. Criteria the
committee consider in naming parks include: geographical location, historical or cultural significance, and natural or geological features. A park may be named for a person no longer living (deceased a minimum of three years) who made a significant contribution to parks and/or recreation.

The Park Naming Committee will consider all suggestions and make a recommendation to the Superintendent, who makes the final decision.
Please submit suggestions for a park name in writing by July 18, 2013, and include an
explanation of how your suggestion matches the naming criteria. Send suggestions to
Seattle Parks and Recreation, Park Naming Committee, 100 Dexter Ave. N, Seattle, WA
98109, or by e-mail to In keeping with Seattle’s “Paper Cuts”program, Parks encourages electronic submissions.

View from further south down 19th, near the HSDC entrance

View from further south down 19th, near the HSDC entrance


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