General Meeting Notes – May 6th, 2013


May 6, 2013

 PRESENT: Nick Boyce, Stephanie Henning, Tomilyn Rupert, Karen Portzer, Amina Parker, Allison Vasallo, JA Brennan & Assoc. (Jim Brennan, Drew Coombs, Carolyn Law)

NOTES BY: Stephanie Henning

  • Greetings, Introductions
  • Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Schematic Design
    • Drew presented the draft proposed schematic design (image below), heavily based on Designs 1 and 2 from the second Public Design Meeting.
      • This design includes a slide, multiple points of entry from Madison including an ADA compliant staircase, seating nooks along the wall for a variety of persons and mobility levels (including wheelchairs), the original maple tree with bump out, an exploration path/garden path along the back wall, some sort of tactile/sensory treatment to the existing retaining wall, and space for a food truck.
      • We discussed maintenance considerations with this design:
        • Assumption plantings will be hardy/low maintenance after initial introduction period (3-5 years). Look towards perennials with some annual pruning/cutting back, grasses. Nothing mowable.
        • Hardscape again assumes harder, more durable materials to go with the urban environment. Possibly use both stone and concrete? Look into recycled materials where possible.
        • Primary long-term maintenance concerns are weeding and raking leaves in the fall
      • Proposed modifications: The steering committee proposed reducing the bump-out around the maple tree to take up only 1 parking space immediately in front of the tree to reduce the impact on traffic and the neighborhood. We also requested a bike rack be included in the plans. No other changes were suggested.
    • Carolyn presented some preliminary ideas for the gateway marker/landmark element
      • Reference to something always growing and changing
      • Reflect the fact that this location represents a convergence between several neighborhoods
      • Concept of a “Community Tree”—a simple form that is developed on through interaction with the community.
      • Currently undecided how we will proceed with design of that element—will discuss at General Meeting on May 14.
  • Discussion of Next Steps with Design Team
    • Roles going forward: After the preferred schematic design is adopted by the Friends of the Park, our contract with JA Brennan ends. We will need to find additional funding to hire them again for the Design Development phase as we refine the design and make choices on specific elements. Ideally they will be involved with the process through completion of construction.
    • Phasing: This proposed design is not well suited to phasing. We would be best served to try and fund the full construction costs all at once.
    • Budget: JA Brennan provided a blank line item budget for reference for Friends of the Park to better understand all the elements to consider. A ballpark figure of $100,000–$200,000 for construction costs was offered to provide a frame of reference for what to expect. Design development and construction drawings costs are not included in that figure. Drew hopes to have a more detailed (still gross estimate) of costs for us early next week.
  • TOPICS FOR NEXT WEEK—General Meeting, May 14, 2013
    • At next week’s meeting Friends of the Park will discuss what we need to do to keep moving forward, e.g., scope, timeline, milestones, goals, etc. As well as review grant criteria to make sure we’re on track to be eligible for the next funding cycle.





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