Report on Design Alternatives, Meeting #2, 3/27/13

Our landscape architecture/design friends at J.A. Brennan Associates, along with Carolyn Law, helped us facilitate another successful meeting last week.  Having taken in our ideas at the last meeting (and our online survey, and emails, and phone calls, and running into neighbors getting coffee…), they took all of those ideas and synthesized them into three alternative designs.  Last week they presented those three alternatives at our public meeting, and we all got to discuss the pros and cons of each, and how we can squeeze the best parts of all three into a single cohesive design.

Anyway, below are some images representing the three alternatives.  Our next public meeting isn’t until Tuesday, May 28th, but anybody is welcome to come to our Steering Committee meetings (evening of April 9th, Seattle Works office, in the HSDC building….and April 30th, in the HSDC conference room).  Or you can just email/facebook/call/messenger pigeon, as we move forward to a single preferred alternative, with an eye towards safety, sustainability, and accessibility.


(below) Alternative 1 plan: slide and steps, amphitheater, preserve existing maple, enhance existing wall, low climbing sculpture

19TH_and Madison_Arm_Chair_plan

Alternative 1 section: considering living wall, iconic/gateway element, opportunity for temporary art installation, informal climbing/seating

19thand Madison-Alt#1-Arm chair-section


Alternative 2 plan: picnic area, seat wall, replace existing wall with sloped planting, sensory garden, stone path, gateway, remove maple.

19TH_and Madison_Eddy Concept_PLAN


Alternative 2 section: consider green screen, vertical creative elements for potential temporary installation (lighting, paint, tactile), iconic gateway marker, remove existing wall for planted slope, seat wall, picnic area, concrete or stone steps

19thand Madison-Alt#2-Eddy-section



Alternative 3 plan: amphitheater steps w/ ramp, low bouldering wall, picnic room, traffic bulb, gateway

19TH_and Madison_Convergence_plan



Alternative 3 section: potential food struck zone (limited hours), screen utilities, enhance existing wall with tactile experience and/or opportunity for temporary art installation, iconic gateway, touch points and interaction with wall, informal climbing/seating, plantings integrated into low wall


19thand Madison-Alt#3-Convergence-Section


The end.  For now.





  1. Perhaps I can make some art for this space? I would love to do something like an iconic gateway!

  2. hi paul… you have a website with examples of your work?

  3. bnaidus · · Reply

    I would also like to be involved in creating an interactive art work for this park. I am an eco-artist (working with ecological principles that come from permaculture design) and some of my work can be seen at (an ecoart project funded by UW’s Royalty Research Foundation for Vashon Island). I teach art for social change at UW Tacoma, and would love to make an interactive story hive for this park.

  4. Thanks for your interest in our park project…..We are still in the process of the big picture design, but will keep you in mind when we get to the details on what art we want to have in the park.

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