Beginning to brainstorm possibilities


Sit and relax

As we move towards our design workshops, it’s time to start to come up with programming possibilities.  Programming elements are activities we want to have happen in the park.  For example: a picnic space, a playground, a sculpture, etc.  At this point we aren’t deciding what will end up in the park, we’re just coming up with a broader list of things that could end up in the park.  This way, when it’s time for our public design workshops, we’ll have a broad range of possibilities to discuss.  Let us know what you’d like to see!


Wall mural




Play equipment



  1. Barbara Dunshee · · Reply

    Concrete Chess / checker boards or makala board 🙂

    1. Today in Ballard I saw a park with a 10-foot wide chessboard, with chess pieces that were 2 feet tall!

  2. Andrew Taylor · · Reply

    Ever seen the chess board or the makala board at Homer Harris Park (24th & Howell) in use? Both have been there for years.

  3. A bouldering “wall” (low, no ropes) or a climbing wall (higher, BYO-gear) would attract many people. It’s totally within precedent (Camp Long & Marymore both have them), and takes a very small actual footprint, being vertical. You could even just leave space for it and fund it later.

    Better than a giant chessboard, I’d suggest a row of 2-person facing-each-other seats with checkerboard designs. Usuable for lunch, and if people start playing games there, even better.

    Triple bonus points if you can cover either of these things to extend their usefulness by several months of the year.

    Finally – there’s a large burningman community in the area — we’re all about public art.

    I strongly feel the goal should be to make an *active* space.

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