Come one, come all!  Talk about stuff.   Next General Meeting (and also Design Action Team meeting):  July 9th: 6:30pm in the 2nd Floor Literacy Lab in the HSDC   Event Planning Meeting  July 11th: 6:30pm in the 2nd Floor Literacy Lab in the HSDC       Advertisements

Hot on the heels of the last public meeting, it’s time to start initiating the naming process for the park.  Submissions are due July 18th.  You can send your ideas to the city, but while you’re at it you can hit us up on or at, to initiate some dialogue.  Quoting the city: […]

Based off of the public feedback on the 3 alternatives, J.A. Brennan came and talked about our single, preferred alternative.  We got a lot of good feedback, and we all went out to the site at the end of the meeting to relate the images to real life.  Images below.

GENERAL MEETING NOTES May 6, 2013  PRESENT: Nick Boyce, Stephanie Henning, Tomilyn Rupert, Karen Portzer, Amina Parker, Allison Vasallo, JA Brennan & Assoc. (Jim Brennan, Drew Coombs, Carolyn Law) NOTES BY: Stephanie Henning Greetings, Introductions Presentation and Discussion of Proposed Schematic Design Drew presented the draft proposed schematic design (image below), heavily based on Designs […]

Take our NEW survey here! It’s comparing the three design alternatives that were presented at the last meeting, which can be seen here. With your feedback, we can move forward to creating a single preferred alternative.

Our landscape architecture/design friends at J.A. Brennan Associates, along with Carolyn Law, helped us facilitate another successful meeting last week.  Having taken in our ideas at the last meeting (and our online survey, and emails, and phone calls, and running into neighbors getting coffee…), they took all of those ideas and synthesized them into three […]

We got over 170 responses to the online survey (in addition to those in attendance at the first public meeting).  This isn’t a binding vote, just an early glimpse into the desires of the community.  Moving forward, the landscape architecture team will use this information to help create three possible alternatives.

Let us know how you envision the site, with our online survey (we’ll publish the results later):

Finally!  The moment you’ve all been waiting for: we’ve got all our ducks in a row.  We’ve finalized the dates for our three design workshops.  The general process will be something like this: Design Workshop #1: Introduce the project, then take in ideas, desires, and concerns from the community, Design Workshop #2: The landscape architect […]

As we move towards our design workshops, it’s time to start to come up with programming possibilities.  Programming elements are activities we want to have happen in the park.  For example: a picnic space, a playground, a sculpture, etc.  At this point we aren’t deciding what will end up in the park, we’re just coming up […]